Hypnotherapy consists of varying personalized suggestions given to you while you are in a state of deep relaxation. This will assist you with achieving your goals through the subconscious. Clients would best describe hypnosis as an increased level of relaxation, almost like you could fall asleep. You are in control and aware at all times while working to conquer any destructive habits that may be standing in the way of your hopes and goals.



Do you excessively worry about school, work, social interactions, health, finances, etc?  Do you struggle to complete work or projects? Or find yourself procrastinating to distract yourself from stress? Anxiety may be to blame. This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their anxiety and to worry less.

children, teens, depression, anxiety


 Children respond really well to Hypnotherapy, they feel empowered by using their own minds and imagination to get results. Children can easily move into an imaginative state, they do it everyday!

Focus can be on issues such as being afraid of the dark, bed wetting, social anxiety, phobias, fears and worries, nail biting  and so much more.



Do you feel stuck, empty, or hopeless?  Feel like the sadness will never end?  Do you find it difficult to enjoy things like you used to? This treatment is for anyone who wants to find their happiness and confidence again.

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight Loss

Personalized weight loss sessions create the mindset to lose weight. Strengthening self-control and addressing triggers that undermine your weight loss.


There is so much more that Hypnotherapy can help with! Contact me for a personalized treatment plan.

 Virtual Sessions Available, in person sessions coming soon

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