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Calm, Confidence, and Focus

Winners Don't Win by Accident

Winners set the scene for winning in everthing they do, think and believe.  They have put in the hours, but they have something else- a winner's attitude.  Believing you can win, believing you are a champion, and that you deserve success produces results.

Not only do I work with athletes and high performers for peak performance,  metal toughness and confindence, I work to improve focus and pre-competition nervousness, remove mental blocks, regain confidence after injury, increase motivation, regain the joy of the sport, and stop the negative thoughts.

Engage Your Subconscious to Win

Many professional athletes use hypnotherapy to improve performance.  Visualization is often used to imagine the desired result.  By visualizing repeatedly these perfect movements, the body will be able to accomplish just that during competition.

Self-statements and self-hypnosis cement the goals and desired results in the mind of the athlete and therefore become unconscious actions during competition or games.  Hypnotherapy can also help improve focus and concentration, and relieve the stress of competition and pressure of performance.


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